Mum To Be Spa Package

At The Kinsale Hotel & Spa

During your time at Kinsale Hotel & Spa, we focus on your wellbeing. The hospitality of our team, as well as the warm and friendly atmosphere promise to deliver a well-deserved day of indulgence. We create a balance between body and soul with nourishing beauty treatments and soothing massages, leaving you feeling energetic and revitalised.


Your experience with us will also include some pampering with our infused water, herbal tea and healthy snacks: fresh yogurt with gluten free granola.  



Full Body Massage

This prenatal massage is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women, honouring the needs of their changing body.

By customising this massage to the expectant mother this massage in a wonderful addition to prenatal care - helping to assist in reducing any discomforts.

This treatment assists in a more comfortable pregnancy, alleviating lower back pain and swollen feet typically associated with pregnancy.

Treatment time: 70 min



Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This massage provides the best benefits to women who experience pregnancy related stresses such as back aches, headaches and mental stress. This massage effectively promotes increased circulation and overall relaxation during pregnancy. Your body is continuously adjusting during pregnancy and sometimes needs a little help to nourish and protect the skin during this special time.

Treatment time: 40 min



Beautiful Mum-to-Be Package

This package combines our Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, followed by our Vegan Superfood Nourishing Facial finished off with our Dry Flotation Experience.

Our Vegan Superfood Facial is designed to adjust the hormonally driven changed of the skin that may occur during pregnancy. Elemis products help the skin to recover from dryness and signs of stress during this special time.

Massage is one of the most ancient methods of healing; hands on manual technique can manipulate blood flow, detoxify acid waste in the tissue and muscles, relax the nerves and assist in oxygenating the skin.

The Dry Flotation treatment is a truly unique experience – you will lay on a soft, warm membrane, staying completely dry whilst experiencing water therapy and feeling of complete weightlessness. It’s the perfect way to switch off your mind and allow your troubles to float away.

Treatment time: 95 min



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