Leisure Club Etiquette

Leisure Club Etiquette

Here at Kinsale Hotel and Spa, we make sure the guests are safe, looked after and respected. We have certain regulations in place to ensure that everyone is doing their best to be safety conscious, hygiene conscious and to be respectful of other users.

All areas of our Leisure Club have different regulations in place to protect our members, guests, staff and swimmers.

Let’s have a look at the break down of each section and their protocols.



All gym users will need to wear appropriate gym wear before entering the gym. Runners, light breathable clothing, no denim or jeans, no loose-fitting clothing that could get caught in machinery, no sliders or flip flops. If you arrive wearing clothing that could cause you harm during a workout staff may refuse entry or request you change into appropriate gym wear.
All new members are encouraged to avail of their complimentary gym induction. Gym inductions are intended for new members who do not know their way around the gym equipment. One of our PT’S will show you how to correctly adjust the equipment, they will then check and correct your form.
New members are encouraged to get health clearance before commencing. Or a health clearance letter. We will need you to fill in a health screening form, if there are any issues that staff should be aware of, please let us know and we will add this information to your file.



Prolonged phone usage is frowned upon in our gym. We want all users to have the opportunity to train and use the equipment on their visit. When people are sitting on machines using their phones, this is blocking up machines and equipment that someone might be waiting for, always be mindful with phone usage. Pictures and video recordings are also prohibited.



If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you refrain from entering the Leisure Club until your illness has cleared. We also encourage users to wipe down machinery and equipment after use. There are disinfectant bottles and blue roll available to users at all times.


Under 18

All members joining that are under 18 will need to fill out a “code of conduct form” this form is to be signed by a legal guardian and returned to our reception before commencing your membership. We encourage any under 18 members to attend the gym with a guardian. Any under 18’s will need to book a gym slot; this does not apply to the pool area.



If you pick it up, please put it back! Our team love to lift weights in their own time, we do not want to lift yours. Always tidy away equipment after use.


No Groups

No groups entering the gym. As we have capacity rules for our gym, we ask that you do not enter in a group of three or above. Maximum, one training buddy per user per session. This keeps the capacity levels in order and keeps equipment free for other guests and members.

If there is an incident in the gym or, if any equipment is not fully functioning, we ask that you inform a member of staff at your convenience in order to assist you.
If there is an injury or emergency, please press the panic button located on the wall behind the rowing machine for assistance of a first responder.



All pool users will need to wear appropriate swim-wear before entering the pool deck area. Our pool users are encouraged to wear flip flops or sliders. This decreases the spread of a potential infection and also reduces slips and falls. Swim appropriate shorts for males and a swim suit for females. Should you attempt to enter the pool in normal day clothing you could be refused entry or request that you change. Our sauna and steam room and jacuzzi also require appropriate swim gear.

Swim hats are mandatory for the main pool, these can be purchased at the pool for €2. Swim hats are not required for the sauna, steam room or jacuzzi.



Showering before entering the pool deck is mandatory. This assists with keeping our water at the highest quality. All body lotions, oils, moisturizers and sun screens will affect our treated water. Showering in between the use of sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and pool is also mandatory for hygiene reasons.


Under age 17

If a visitor or member is under the age of 17, they will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian and supervised for the duration of their visit.

No more than 3 small children to one guardian for supervising. No rough playing in the pool, no diving and no running. Always make use of the black matting when walking.


Lifeguard on Duty

Please respect our life guards on duty, if they request you stop running or engaging in an activity this is because they are trained to avoid incidents. As well as treating injury’s they are trained to stop them happening.

If you see any injury taking place, if there are any mechanical issues with our amenities, please let staff know so we can assist you further.

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